about Amy
Photo by Anne Hugus

Photo by Anne Hugus

I grew up looking at photos my father took when he travelled through Europe in his college days. I studied photography as a hobby for most of my life. I took professional headshots for my actor friends in college, but I didn’t become a wedding photographer until I moved to New York. I worked as an assistant for an established wedding photography studio, honing my skills in composition and color, and eventually, became an associate photographer. I spent a few years working for the New York Stock Exchange, where I photographed CEOs, celebrities and charity events. My work has been featured in a variety of wedding publications, including Catalyst Wedding Co. and Artfully Wed.

I love to encourage honest and kind people by supporting their vision and helping them live more fulfilling lives. Life is a currency we should spend on others, lifting them up to see more beauty in the world.

Some of my favorite things include:

  • A cold grapefruit shandy on a New York rooftop at sunset

  • The abandoned railroad tracks in the woods near my home

  • The lights dimming before the show begins

  • When I’m feeling good about what’s going on in the mirror

  • Corgi sploots and fainting goats

From the excitement on the dance floor to the moment when you blissfully zone out during your partner’s vows only to come back moments later, my goal is to cultivate a photographic experience that will awaken your emotional memory of this monumental event for decades to come. Your job is to get married and stay in the moment. My job is to bring those moments back to you.


My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.
— Desmond Tutu